Data protection for Facebook


Geldbaum d.o.o. for services and travel agency, with headquarters in the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Vrhovec 231B, OIB: 03530187806 (hereinafter: GELDBAUM), as the administrator of the site˝GR8 Coffee Festival˝ as part of the social network Facebook is the data controller of your personal data. Meta Platforms Ireland Limited is also the data controller of your personal data. You can contact GELDBAUM regarding data protection at any time via e-mail: [email protected].

Please read this notice carefully to understand why and how we collect your personal information using the tools that Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (hereinafter: Meta or Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd) offers as a service to its users and how they will be used.

In this notice, we describe the data that we process to support Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other products and features that Meta offers (see the Meta Products section) or that Meta processes as part of providing its service to us as a data controller.
Additional tools and information can also be found in the Facebook settings and Instagram settings.

In order to give you a practical idea of ​​what all the previous activities refer to, we give an example: when you send us an inquiry via Facebook message, our administrators will process your personal data as part of the response to it.

Through social networks, GELDBAUM informs you about events and activities, new products, provides you with information that might interest you, all based on legitimate interest and/or consent, depending on the type of activity it carries out.

When carrying out the aforementioned activities, we process your personal data, which may include name, surname, e-mail, gender, nickname, personal photos or other types of images that you have shared with us, your preferences if you have shared them with us, your comments that you have shared with us or your interests and events that you think are important and you shared them with us.
Your personal data may be processed for various purposes, if this is necessary to comply with legal obligations (e.g. to provide data to courts or law enforcement authorities), if you have agreed to the appropriate processing or if the processing is otherwise lawful according to binding regulations or GELDBAUM’s internal acts. If the data is processed for another purpose, we will provide you with information about that other purpose and any other relevant information before processing.

Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd has access to your personal data. Authorized third parties may need to access or store personal data if required or permitted by binding regulations (eg government bodies, courts, outside counsel and other third parties deemed to be public authorities).

We will process the collected data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. If the processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior to its withdrawal, and we will stop processing your data that we process based on it.

If judicial, administrative or extrajudicial proceedings have been initiated, personal data may be stored until the end of such proceedings, including the possible period for filing legal remedies. GELDBAUM will store certain personal data for the period of time prescribed by the law or the regulation that obliges the data controller to store data, for example if you sent us a complaint via a private message on Facebook or if you requested us to exercise some of your rights, we will store the conversation in order to consider your requests, all related to the performance of our obligations prescribed by the current laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Your rights are as follows: right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”), right to restriction of processing, right to object and right to data portability. More about your rights and how we use your personal data you can find out at

If you wish to exercise one or more of the above rights, please feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer who will be happy to assist you at any time.
If you are not satisfied with how we have collected or used your personal data, you can file a formal complaint with the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

Our contact information:

Name: Geldbaum d.o.o.
Address: 10000 Zagreb, Vrhovec 231B
For data protection, you can contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

How GELDBAUM collects and processes data about you as a user of the Facebook page "GR8 Coffee Festival"?

GELDBAUM as a data controller of personal data of users of the Facebook page “GR8 Coffee Festival” uses your personal data to enable the users to use the services and activities provided through the Facebook page, create a user database for the purpose of improving the service and/or marketing, contact users to deliver notifications, improve advertising and promotional activities and analyze the use of the Facebook page.

Also, personal data can be used to solve problems, perform administrative tasks and establish contact with users.

Insight into the personal data of users of the Facebook page “GR8 Coffee Festival” can be held by an administrator within the scope of his work. In addition to the administrator appointed by the data controller, the insight into the data can be performed by legal entities that participate in the execution of legal relations with users, such as IT support, marketing support, companies associated with GELDBAUM, public institutions that require the delivery of personal data in accordance with regulations which bind GELDBAUM, and for which GELDBAUM keeps prescribed records of processing activities.

What does Meta's Privacy Policy cover?

This policy describes the information Meta Platforms Ireland Limited processes to provide Meta products. Meta’s products, also referred to as “Products”, include: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram (including applications such as Boomerang), Facebook Portal Products,produced by Oculus (if linked to a Facebook user account), Stores, Marketplace, Spark AR, Meta Business Tools, Meta Audience Network, applications for NPE Team and Facebook View.

Some of the products have additional rules on privacy protection which complement the information in these rules.

In the Privacy Protection Center you can find out more about managing your privacy.

What data does Meta collect when you use the Facebook page "GR8 Coffee Festival"?

  1. Your activities and data you enter (find out more),
  2. Friends, followers and other connections (find out more),
  3. Application, browser and device data (find out more),
  4. Data of partners, suppliers and third parties (find out more)

The data they collect about you and process depends on how you use Meta products. Also, when you use Meta products, they collect some information about you even if you do not have a user account.

It is important to repeat, GELDBAUM is the data controller only in relation to the data of the users of the Facebook page. We must emphasize that Meta is also an independent data controller in relation to all your data, given that you use their products and they use them depending on your choices.

GELDBAUM does not collect all data collected, processed and stored by Meta to provide and support its products and related services described in the Facebook Terms of Use and Instagram Terms of Use.

How does Meta use your data?

  1. to provide, personalize and improve our products – use the information they have to provide and improve their products, which includes personalizing features, content and recommendation, such as yours Summary on Facebook, Summary on Instagram, stories and ads. They use data with special protection that you choose to provide for these purposes,
  2. due to the promotion of protection, security and integrity (find out more)
  3. to provide measurements, analytics and other business services (find out more)
  4. to communicate with you (find out more)
  5. for research and development of innovations for social good (find out more)

How is your data shared on Meta products or with Integrated Partners?

On Meta products: the people and user accounts you share and interact with, content shared or re-shared about you by others, public content

With Integrated Partners: You can choose to connect with Integrated partners who use Meta products. If you choose to do so, these Integrated Partners will receive data about you and your activity.

These Integrated Partners can always process data that is public in Meta products. (find out more)

Who does Meta share data with?

  1. partners (Advertisers and publishers for Audience Network, partners who use their analytical services, partners that offer goods or services on their products and merchant service platforms, Integrated partners)
  2. suppliers (suppliers for measurements and marketing)
  3. service providers (they share information they have about you to receive services to provide their products, which include: investigating suspicious activity; detecting and preventing threats to the staff and property; enabling payment; providing customer support; improving the performance of products; provision of technical infrastructure services; analysis of how products are used; conducting research and surveys; marketing and product promotion; analysis of the results of ads)
  4. external researchers (they use them to conduct research that fosters scholarships and innovation and promotes safety, security and integrity)
  5. other cases (sharing data with third parties in response to legal requests, Read the rules, in the event of a sale or transfer of all or part of the business to someone else – then it may provide the new owner with your information as part of that transaction in accordance with applicable law)

How do Meta companies cooperate?

Facebook is a part of Meta companies which provide Meta products. Meta company products include all Meta products covered by the Privacy Notice, as well as other products such as WhatsApp, Novi and others.

They share the data they collect, infrastructure, systems and technology with other Meta companies. Find out more about how data is transferred to other countries.

They also process data they receive about you from other Meta companies in accordance with their terms and conditions and in accordance with applicable law. In some cases, Meta acts as a service provider in relation to other Meta companies. They act on their behalf and in accordance with their instructions and conditions.

Purpose of data sharing in Meta companies

Meta products share data with other Meta companies:

  • to promote safety, security and integrity and to comply with applicable laws;
  • to personalize offers, advertisements and other sponsored or commercial content;
  • to develop and provide features and integrations;
  • to understand how people use and react to Meta products.

See some examples why they share data.

The legal basis on which Meta relies

Data is processed on the following legal basis:

  1. fulfillment of contractual obligations
  2. consent
  3. legitimate interest
  4. key interest
  5. legal obligation
  6. public interest

Find out more about the mentioned legal basis.

Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant data protection laws are as follows:

  1. the right to access data and correct data – you have the right to access your data and correct it in accordance with the applicable law (find out more)
  2. the right to withdraw consent – in situations where the legal basis for data processing is consent, you can withdraw it at any time, and if you decide to withdraw your consent, this will not affect the legality of processing based on consent before its withdrawal (find out more)
  3. the right to transfer data (find out more)
  4. the right to download a copy of your information (find out more)
  5. the right to erase data – you have the right to request that they erase your data if there is a valid basis for doing so and if it is in accordance with the applicable law (find out more)
  6. the right to object – you have the right to object to certain processing of your data and to limit it (find out more)
  7. the right to lodge a complaint – you can also lodge a complaint with the lead supervisory authority responsible for Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, the Irish Data Protection Commission or Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency

How long and why does Meta keep your data?

They decide how long they need the data on a case-by-case basis. When making a decision, they take into account the following:

• whether the data is necessary for the operation or provision of Meta products. (find out more)
• the feature they use it for and how that feature works (find out more)
• how long they need to keep data in order to fulfill certain legal obligations (see some examples)
• If they need them for other legitimate purposes, such as preventing harm; investigating possible violations of their terms or policies; promoting safety, security and integrity; or their own protection, including the protection of their rights, property or products

In some cases and for certain reasons they retain data longer.

WHY and WHERE TO does Meta transfer your data?

Why? They share the data they collect globally, internally in all their offices and data centers, and outside the country with their partners, suppliers, service providers and third parties. Because Meta is a global platform with users, partners and employees worldwide, transfers are necessary for a variety of reasons, including: to carry out and provide the service described in the terms of the Meta products you use and the Meta Privacy Policy, and to be able to repair, analyze and improve the Meta products.

Where to? Data controlled by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited is transmitted, forwarded or stored and processed in: locations where they have infrastructure or data centers, including but not limited to the United States of America, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden; countries where Meta products are available; other countries where their partners, suppliers, service providers and third parties are located outside the country in which you live, for the purposes specified in the Rules.

You can read how they protect your data at:

GELDBAUM as a data controller does not share data that personally identifies you, nor can it influence the way in which all your data will be collected by Meta, what it will be used for and to whom it will be shared. Meta, on the other hand, as an independent data controller, shares your data and transfers it to third countries, including the USA.

How do they respond to legal requests, ensure compliance with applicable laws and prevent harm?

They access, store, use and share your data:

  • for the purpose of responding to legal requests, such as search warrants, subpoenas or subpoenas – they receive such requests from third parties such as civil lawyers, the police and other government authorities (find out more)
  • in accordance with the applicable law
  • in order to promote the safety, security and integrity of Meta’s products, users, employees, property and the public (find out more).

Who can you contact in case of questions?

You can learn more about how privacy works on Facebook, on Instagram and in Facebook Help Center. If you have questions about these policies or questions, complaints or requests regarding your data, you can contact Meta as described below.

The data controller responsible for your data is Meta Platforms Ireland Limited which you can contact online or by mail to the address:

META PLATFORMS IRELAND Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland

Contact of the Data Protection Officer:

If you are not satisfied with the way your personal data is collected and processed, you can contact the lead supervisory authority responsible for Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner or Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

For possible disputes with GELDBAUM, please contact us using the aforementioned contact information.

Other websites and Facebook pages

This notice refers only to the use of data that GELDBAUM collects from users (data subjects) through the Facebook page “GR8 Coffee Festival“ using the IT systems and technologies used by Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd.

Other sites, other than those listed above, that can be accessed through the Facebook page have their own privacy statements. If through the Facebook page “GR8 Coffee Festival” the user visits one or more other websites, GELDBAUM recommends users to review the privacy statement of that site.

GELDBAUM is not responsible for the methods and terms of use of third parties, as well as for the methods and terms of use of Meta, and this is precisely why we provide you with this notice so that you can be aware of everything related to the collection of your personal data.

Inappropriate comments are moderated at the discretion of GELDBAUM.